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The world's most stereotypical Irishman is convinced he's the next John Peel. He's not. Listen to him fumble his way through half an hour of incoherent rants interspersed with music. Even if you have no clue what the guy is on about at least it's short and the music is good...
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Three men walk into a bar, an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman, a podcast ensues. An irreverent and refreshing unique take on geekdom, current events and the world at large.
Mike Knight and Will Chamberlain are two guys that grew up in love with comics and everything comic related. They share a passion for all things comics and have seriously enjoyed the comic life revival in mainstream pop culture over the last decade… come join them on a journey through rumors, comic artifacts, and spoilers as they gush fanboy-ism all over your face.
Hello and welcome to the OtR Podcast. The internet rated #2 gaming news podcast. Join James, Cory, Will, and Caleb every Tuesday night to discuss the week's gaming news. Theme song is “Incoming transmission pt. 2” by Kubbi.
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