I know this is late. Okay, really late. But due to an overwhelming response from our community, it took me a while to get it together.

I saw the guys on IGN do this and I thought it would be fun to do our own.

James Denham

What did you buy? Monaco, Age of Empires, Day Z, Terraria, Gone Home, Slender: The Arrival, Need For Speed Shift, Torchlight 2, Evoland, and Outlast.

How much of it will you actually play? I have already played bits of Monaco, Day Z, Slender, and Evoland. Surprisingly, I have actually finished Gone Home and Outlast. A couple of the titles such as AoE, Terraria, Gone Home, and Shift were purchased as gifts or 4 packs. I am actively trying to finish Evoland at the time of this writing.

Any recommendations? Yes actually. I would highly recommend that anyone that loves horror games or movies, should play Outlast. It really surprised me how well it was executed. I had to take breaks away from the atmosphere every once in a while as it was definitely a creepy game.

Total spent: $96.97 (I regret nothing)

Matt Lestock

What did you buy? Hitman Collection, Just Cause Collection, Metro Last Light Collection, Fallout New Vegas, and Torchlight II

How much of it will you actually play? Not really sure haha, I’ve played Just Cause because of the multiplayer addon that was recently released.

I may install New Vegas to see if I can get some of the kickass mods to work for it and play through that again

Any recommendations? Just Cause 2 is fucking ridiculous, if you have time to kill definitely give that a go.

Total spent: $40

April 17, 2014

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