Episode 101 – What Distro do you use?

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Episode Description

We talk about our first Distros, How many Distro's we have tried, What we use on our personal machines, and why we like the ones we have chosen. It's a little longer than normal at 52 minutes. It's really one of our best though so take a listen and let us know what your first Distro was.

Episode Notes

1) Introduction

2) What we are up to with Linux?

  • What was the first Distro you installed? What made you choose it?

Greg  – RedHat 9 – Friend gave it to him
Joe – Mandrake 6.5 from Staples – Walking through the store and saw it
Walt – Slackware 3 – Picked it up at a Mom and Pop Computer Store because there was no internet to download from.  To use at school and replace Borland
Brian – MKLinux DR1 –

  • How many distros have you tried?

Joe – 20 Probably more
Walt – 40
Brian – 30
Greg – 21

  • What Distro do you install most often? Why?

Walt – *ubuntu – There is almost always a package available
Brian – Ubuntu/Mint – Package availablity
Greg – Fedora – Redhat/Fedora Fanboy
Joe – Fedora – Redhat at work
Indonesia reports that Ubuntu is more widely available

3) Conclusion

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March 4, 2014

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