Pubcast: Karma Cameleon

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Episode Description

A nine year old murderer, the EU doing its job for once and the death of GameSpy, it can only be the Chaos that is Pubcast!

Episode Notes

TWIT – This Week In Tech
European Union Votes Net Neutrality Into Law
Graphene breakthrough: Samsung boffins claim manufacturing success
Delayed Dig for Atari E.T. Cartridges Clears Regulatory Hurdles
GameSpy to Discontinue Multiplayer Services May 31st

TWIG – This week in Games:
Square Enix Collective is now taking developer submissions
Five-Year Old Boy Exposes Xbox One Security Flaw
Artist Plays Civilization For Three Months In Museum Celebration
FTL: Faster Than Light – Advanced Edition Out Now

WTF of the Week:
Pakistan: Nine-month-old boy accused of planning murder
Woman Dies After Attempting To Give Herself A Boob Job With Vaseline
Immigration officer puts wife on terror list, gets sacked

2-Year-Old Hurt After Someone Glued Razor Blades All Over a Playground

Sixth Grader Suspended For Taking Self-Harming Classmate’s Razor Blade

Woman Stabs Husband for “Worshipping Nascar,” Crashes Car Into Church

April 11, 2014

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