We love the pogoplug. Check out what we have been doing with them over the last week. And pick one up for as little as $7 over on Amazon. [More]
July 30, 2014
We discuss the PogoPlug and hacking it to put Linux on it. Also check out the link to where you can buy them for $8 with 2 day shipping in the US. [More]
July 23, 2014
We talk about Ansible, Replacing a Dell 2650 with a Pogo Plug, and what services we are running at home. [More]
July 16, 2014
We talk ArchLinux, Chumby's and the Great init 6 vs reboot vs shutdown -r now debate.. [More]
July 9, 2014
We talk about Google I/O [More]
July 9, 2014
While Brian is away the Gamers take over the show and talk gaming on linux and Steam... [More]
June 21, 2014