It's all about monitoring and resolving issues at home. [More]
June 11, 2014
Let's talk about all the fun Brian had at DevOps Days PGH!!! [More]
June 7, 2014
We a talk about the fact that the prettiest Linuxes all seem to be paid for in some manner. Now we admit given the people using it there isn't a lot of money but better than nothing right? [More]
May 28, 2014
We talk about why ubuntu, xubuntu, and ubuntu Studio seem to not be equal. Why is studio so much flakier than the rest. Where is the testing on that system. [More]
May 21, 2014
This week we talk about Learning Flash, CoreOS, Docker 1.0 and the fact that you can still browse the Web in a terminal. [More]
May 14, 2014